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About us

Our company

Millefeuille was created with the intention to design and manufacture the worlds most beautiful linens and accessories.

In the making of our products we look for the finest of all fabrics and we strive to create beautiful and timeless products that will be as beautiful as new when several years have passed.Our products bring a calm elegant feeling to your bedroom and home.

We find our inspiration in beauty and many of our products are produced with the worlds most beautiful places in mind. Let our linen transform your bedroom to a beautiful seaside mansion at the Cote d´ Azur, a Lake Como garden villa or a comfortable luxury hotel in Paris.

For us the feeling of our linens against your skin is important. They shall be very comfortable as well as smooth, silky and lustrous.

Another important goal is to give you as a customer a luxurious experience from your first contact with our company, during your shopping, the delivery of your products and even after your purchase when you enjoy our products. We want a close realtionship with our customers and are delighted to hear your wishes and expectations of our company.

Our team

We are based in Sweden and here we design all items there, then they are produced mainly in Italy  where we have found the best artisans and craftsmen with long experience and the same visions of perfection as our customers and ourselves.